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Ticket Manager

Devitep Ticket Manager is a slim and powerful tool to bring a company and their customers together. Customers or any end users that need help with products can log on to the tickets system where they can open a ticket about their issue. Support employees get notifications on new tickets or new ticket messages and can react immediately. The customer can check the status of his tickets at any time, filter them, search for them and make changes to them in case there is a new development that has to be reflected into the ticket. The interface is designed in a very clear and simple way, so that there is always only that portion of information on the screen, that the user needs.

The Ticket Manager is developed as a Silverlight application, which means that is runs inside the browser. It is totally independent of the user's operating system. Everyhthing he needs is the free Silverlight plugin. Optionally the user can install the application directly onto his local computer for instant access.

Login Screen

Customers can access a company's ticket system by entering their username and password.

Ticket view

In the ticket view all tickets that belong to the logged in user are shown. Tickets could be filtered, grouped, and searched. There is a built in paging mechanism and the option to change the amount of items per page.

Filter Settings

Advanced filter settings allow the user to filter his tickets according to different criterias in order to always have a small set of most important tickets on the screen.

New Ticket Dialog

Users can open new tickets in case they need help. Besides giving some general information like subject, description or due date, the user has the option to add attachments to the ticket by simply dropping them on the shaded area.

Ticket Details

Authorized users like support employees can edit tickets details at any time to reflect the lastest updates to the ticket. Any change is tracked and could be later seen in the change log.

Ticket messages

Users can add messages to the ticket in order to provide more information or to ask other related questions. Messages also have an additional section for attachments, that the user can add.

Demonstration Video